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Sony Unveils First-Look At "Ghostbusters 35" Logo | #Ghostbusters35 | #Ghostbusters

Sony Pictures Consumer Products has unveiled a first-look at one of Sony's logo's to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters in 2019!:

UPDATE: Ghost Corps have confirmed that the logo was created strictly for the licensing event with an official logo still to come:

"Just to clarify, this is not the official 35th logo, it was a logo created out of our new style guide for use at the Licensing Expo to get licensees excited for the event. More plans for the 35th, including an official logo will be announced in the future."


Apologies for the confusion.

SPCP unveiled the logo in a trade supplement for the Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2017. The advertisement also takes a look at a selection of Sony's upcoming highlights, such as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Winter 2017), Peter Rabbit (Spring 2018), Slenderman (Spring 2018), The Emoji Movie (Summer 2017), Hotel Transylvania 3 (Summer 2018), Hotel Transylvania The Series (Summer 2017), Goose…

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